Lina Hashim is a Danish-Iraqi artist who lives and works in Copenhagen. She was born in Kuwait, but moved to Denmark with her parents in 1992

Her primary artistic medium is photography, whereas her methods cross into such fields as anthropology and performance.

At the core of Lina Hashim’s artistic project lies an urge to investigate, rationalize and document the arbitrariness of the way the Quran is being interpreted today using what she describes as a method best understood as historical anthropology: Do the words and dogmas of the Quran make sense in a modern context? She firmly states that she is a Muslim as she believes in Islam, but she doesn’t practise.

Lina Hashim is a former student of anthropology and she puts the methods of anthropology to use when she investigates, amongst other issues, the Islamic dogma of pre-marital sex. She does her research thoroughly and draws on her readings of the Quran, consulting imams, her family, and a number of chatrooms and online forums for Muslims.

She asks questions and tries to rationalize answers in order to display the workings of Islam in a modern context; how many of these dogmas are filtered through a widely accepted layer of fiction? If you are able to document through thorough investigation and registration that a dogma is continuously and commonly breached by the greater proportion of Muslims, is it then possible to actually challenge that the ancient dogma doesn’t make sense in a modern world?

Lina takes on the role of detective as she traces, observes and photographs the “unlawful meetings” as she entitles the illicit encounters of Muslim couples who meet in secrecy often in parking lots situated near the waterfront.

Lina Hashim uses her art projects to explore and negotiate her female identity by not opposing Islamic dogmas, but respectfully and insistently question their validity in a western context. She is a Muslim woman in Denmark who comes with a history and a cultural baggage that she is continually trying to grasp, rationalize and make sense of.

Ulla Tilma




2013  Student at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen

2012  Danish School of Art Photography Fatamogana

2010  The Danish High School of Art Holbæk Kunst Højskole

2009  The Danish Educational University. Master ́s degree in Antropology.



2018  Linkøping Kunsthal. Sweeden

2017  Landskrona photo festival. Sweeden

2012  The Iraqi Festival of Culture in Copenhagen

2007  The Museum of Arts in Møn. Denmark

2007  Astel Gallery. Denmark

2006  The Red Tower Gallery in Slagelse. Denmark



2019  Læsø Kunsthal. Denmark

2018  Kunsthal Aarhus. Denmark

2018  Tom Christoffersen gallery. Denmark

2017  Bending the frame. Press Photo Museum. Horton. Norway

2016  Present. Aarhus. Denmark

2016  Hans Alf Gallery. Copenhagen

2016  Fotografisk Center. Ung Dansk Fotografi 2016. Copenhagen

2015 UNSEEN Photography fair courtesy Tom Christoffersen Gallery. Amsterdam

2015  Christorphe Guye Galerie. Zurich

2015  Le petit espace. Paris

2015  Tom Christoffersen Gallery. Copenhagen

2015  Voice off. Arles

2014  Paris Photo courtesy East Wing Gallery. Paris

2014  UNSEEN photography fair courtesy East Wing Gallery. Amsterdam

2014  Performance festival. Berlin

2014  Sophienholm Museum- Lyngby Kunstforening

2014  ZOOART Gardens. Cuneo

2014  Rundgang, The Danish Royal Academy for fine Arts

2014  Copenhagen Photo Festival, slottet.

2014  Neue Galerie im Höhmannhaus, Augsburg

2014  Gallery Blyme & Hegnhøj

2014  Gallery Q

2013  The Art Museum of west Jutland Janusbygningen KS13

2013  The Center of Contemporary Art in Aarhus KP13

2012  Dansehallerne, part of Copenhagen Photo Festival- Fatamorgana School

2008  Riddersalen in Aarhus- Artfair

2006  Tapperihallerne in Hellerup- Artville

2004  Møns Museum of Arts




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